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Detail Information

No.208AF2/208AF3/208AF3A Dimensions

Combine Chains Specifications

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Roller Chain Parts Every chain is connected at the ends to form a complete circle or chain loop by a master connecting link. Cotter plates or spring clips keep the connecting link’s pins from working loose.

Chain No. Pitch(mm) Roller Diameter(mm) Width between inner plates(mm) Pin diameterd2
Pin lengthL1
Pin lengthL2
Pin lengthLc
Inner plate depthh2(mm) Tensile strengthkN/lbf Average tensile strength kN
208AF2 12.7 7.95 4.80 3.96 13.1 14.7 14.5 12.0 13.8/3136 16.0
208AF3 12.7 7.95 4.80 3.96 13.1 14.5 12.0 13.8/3136 16.0
208AF3A 12.7 7.95 7.85 3.96 16.6 17.8 12.0 13.8/3136 16.0

POProduct Information

Flexible combine chains

The products are made of high quality alloy
steel production. The plates are punched and squeezed bores by precision
technology. The pin, bush, roller are machined by high-efficiency automatic
equipment and automatic grinding equipment, then through heat treatment of carburization,
carbon and nitrogen protection mesh belt furnace, surface blasting process etc.
Made from the steel and the up-to-date skills as well as precision procedures, the combine 
chains can withstand strong pressure and high temperature.


* Standard chains

* Customized chains


Quality Assurance:

ISO9001: 2015 and
GB/T24001-2016 / ISO14001: 2015.


High quality

√Corrosion resistance

√Durable, Robust and

√Bad condition

√Lower weight–high


√Surface treatment

√Hardened teeth

√Serious quality control


Application industries:


√Building Material
√Oil and Gas

√Technology and Science


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