Stainless  shop  China Steel Durable Standard Finished Bore Sprockets 50BS chain sprockets for Manufacturing from China

Detail Information

Roller Chain Sprocket – Japan Standard Series – 50BS roller chain sprocket dimensions

Ansi Roller Chain Sprockets Specifications

Tooth Width  With EPG brand registered in more than 70 countries like America , Europe , Japan and so on, it has partners among world top enterprises, such as JOHNDEERE, NEW HOLLAND, CLAAS, HONDA, KUBOTA, YANMAR, etc. 8.7 Chain Pitch 15.875
Hub Configuration B Roller Dia 10.16
Internal Width 9.53 Chain Number 40
Number of Teeth 9-35 Number of Chain Rows 1-2-3
Hardened Teeth Up to customer stock bore sprocket
Black Oxide Up to customer
Bore Type Stock Bore

Product Information


* Standard sprockets

* Customized sprockets


Quality Assurance:

ISO9001: 2015 and
GB/T24001-2016 / ISO14001: 2015.


High quality

√Corrosion resistance

√Durable, Robust and

√Bad condition

√Lower weight–high



√Surface treatment

√Hardened teeth

EPG power transmission products are designed to deliver both reliable performance and cost-efficiency. Every product is utility-tested and engineered to meet stringent standards for uniformity in dimension, heat treatment, tensile strength and other critical characteristics. As a cost-effective alternative designed specifically for general-duty use, EPG’s expanding line of products are available in all frequently ordered sizes and specifications, including ball bearings, mounted units, roller chain, seals, gauges, sheaves and more.

√Serious quality control


Application industries:


√Building Material
√Oil and Gas

√Technology and Science